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Tablao del Carmen


Adresse:Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13

Code postal08038 Barcelona

Téléphone: +34 933 25 68 95


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The “Tablao de Carmen” is located inside Poble Espanyol (Montjuic), an architectural museum that recreates on real scale, the architecture, customs and traditions of the Spanish people. The “Tablao”, is placed in the area of a typical Andalusia neighborhood, the visitor can live the real atmosphere before entering the show, which often improves the experience.

The “tablao” Flamenco of Barcelona was founded in 1988 in memory of the great Carmen Amaya. She is a universal myth of Flamenco dance, who earned her affection and friendship of everyone who she knew; for example, Greta Garbo and Orson Welles. She had strong personality, determination and generosity,

The “Tablao de Carmen” shares same values that the great artist promoted during her life, such as, rigor, purity, professionalism, talent and kindness. The fame and prestige of this local is due to these values, one of the most recognized inside and outside our borders.

Its programme has artist with a recognized professional trajectory, very technical level and absolute delivery in each show. At the same time, like the tradition of the best Flamenco “tablaos”, they give to young talents a place where they improve on their technique. Besides, they can show all their talent to the general public.

This combination between experimented artists and young talents makes the big difference of “Tablao de Carmen”, the quality of its shows, probably, the most distinctive. The show is presented in its traditional way, where artists perform some of the most important “palos” (styles) of Flamenco, in a brilliant and emotional way.

The small theater room provides excellent visibility from any seat. It has an elegant decoration and a carefully chosen lighting to provide the viewer a festive atmosphere that reminds of the Seville fair.

The “Tablao de Carmen” also has two more spaces near the locale; El Patio Cordobés, a restaurant recreates a typical “patio” of Córdoba, and the chip shop Tío Pepe, with the cheerful and warm atmosphere of the Andalusia taverns.

• They offer flamenco classes for all levels by their artists, who are well known between Flamenco teachers and fans.

• They have hiring office for the performance of “tablao”. They export the concept of the “Tablao de Carmen” to different countries.

• They have different restaurant rooms to provide a greater gastronomic and leisure offer.

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