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Restaurante Jardines de Zoraya


Adresse:Calle de Panaderos del Albaycín, 32 18010 Granada

Téléphone: +34 958 20 62 66


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Jardines de Zoraya is located on Panaderos street, near to the Aliatar square, in the center of the Albaicin district. This is a neighborhood chock full of history and tradition.

There are a number of theories on the genesis of this old neighborhood located on the outskirts of the palatial city of Alhambra. The word “albaicin”, common in other cities of Muslim influence, is a reference to the neighborhoods that were outside the walled areas of the city, located in high geographic positions and with their own autonomy. These ancient districts had a very important integrationist function and were fundamental in the crystallization of Andalusi culture. In the case of Albaicin, the result was the rich architectural and cultural remnants we see today which embody this district of Granada, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Even in times of ancient history this area had its own system of running potable water (aljibes) throughout the entire district, which gave origin to the type of houses known as “carmenes”, family homes with small interior vegetable patches and gardens. Jardines de Zoraya is a living example of this unique characteristic, a space inspired on these cozy areas where people of different backgrounds would congregate to talk and share their experiences. A perfect place to come and enjoy the three gems of this neighborhood: the traditional homes, the regional gastronomy and the flamenco typical of this region.

For a number of years there has been a continuous effort in Jardines de Zoraya to perfect the quality and variety of each of the services offered. This is the reason why the proposal is focused on the programming of traditional flamenco with established artists in the Granada scene like as Violeta Ruiz orJosé Cortés "El Pirata", interpreted by a different troupe every day.

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