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Café de Chinitas


Adresse:C/ Torija, 7

Code postal28013 Madrid

Téléphone: +34 915 47 15 02


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This tablao is inspired by the popular 'Café de Chinitas' of Málaga, whose decor and atmosphere Lorca wrote a poem. For which they have, in addition to prominent politicians from around the world, spent many great figures of flamenco, as Rosario and Antonio, two male dancers legendary early last century, or Mary Albaicin, Carmen Mora and Pastora Imperio. Some others who today are big stars like Maria Vargas, Gabriel Moreno, El Lebrijano or the great guitarist 'Serranito'. Teachers are gone as Enrique Morente, and others that remain, like Jose Merce, took their first steps in this tablao. Even some artists, such as 'La Chunga' met success in their escenario.

Local description

Total capacity is 150 persons. The seats are placed on dining tables neatly arranged throughout the room and two wings in front of the stage. In both, the end of the space have small boxes to enjoy excellent visibility from the bottom.

NOT numbered seats, accommodation in strict order of booking. We recommend going 20 minutes before the start of the show and if dinner show 30 min antes.Cuenta recommend going with an elevated stage at half height and bright. It has an excellent natural acoustics, so they have no technical support for sound.

They offer flamenco lessons for all levels by artistasOfrecen one of his visits to the bullring of Las Ventas

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